World-renowned wire and cable industry journal WIRE reported Dalian Konform's latest R&D efforts

The world renowned wire and cable journal "Wire" published an article introducing our SSLB500 continuous extrusion aluminum sheathing production line for HV/EHV power cable.

Dalian Konform Developed New 300H Machine for American Client

A world-renowned American wire & cable company recently reached out to Dalian Konform for a continuous extrusion line to produce copper strip with a minimum thickness of 0.38mm, thickness tolerance of ±0.01mm and a width-thickness ratio as much as 37. The requirements are so high that a traditional continuous extrusion line simply cannot meet them.

From 1th to 5th March 2015, our general manager Mr

From 1th to 5th March 2015, our general manager Mr. Fan Zhixin was invited to attend 2015 technical seminar of IWCC, which was held in Istanbul, Turkey. On the conference, on behalf of our company and Enterprises-Universities-Researches cooperation organization, general manager made a speech with topic “Continuous Extrusion technology for copper”. In the speech our general manager reviewed the continuous extrusion technology and its application and development in copper industry, and was focusing on the newest research achievements of continuous extrusion technology for copper alloy. The speech of our general manager aroused deep interest in the representatives present at the meeting, and was well-received by organizing committee, technical experts and international enterprises’ representatives.

From 4th to 8 th April, 2016, International wire exhibition was held in Dusseldorf

 From 4th to 8 th April, 2016, International wire exhibition was held in Dusseldorf, Germany, our deputy general manager and sales representatives participated this exhibition.This is the fifth time for our company to attend Wire Dussesldorf. During the exhibition, we not only introduced our new development achievements, but also communicated with our customers about the service condition of the their machines.With the help of this exhibition, we expanded the influence of Konform technology in this industry.

Our company participated in Wire China 2020(Wire China)

Our company participated in Wire China 2020,The high-speed continuous extrusion line for copper/aluminum flat wire, the continuous extrusion line for large section copper strip blank, the vertical double-shaft continuous sheathing production line for ultra-high voltage cable and the continuous casting and extrusion line for aluminum alloy grain finer were presented comprehensively and in detail.
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